Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tick Tick Tick

So another oncologist appointment and the blood draws that occur with each. Finally feel like I am over the 6-8 weeks of sinus and respiratory infection, coughing and just ready to get going again. Overall well but the WBC is rising. Sure it could go much higher before major symptoms arise and other numbers start being affected, kind of feel like a race to see how high the numbers can go without needing treatment, nothing like the watch and wait.

Had the vision of the ticking time bomb waiting...waiting...waiting...

Then I thought, what not a better reason to enjoy every day, find time to laugh, enjoy those around me and count my blessings as they say down in the south. Sounds kind of cliche' but a time bomb growing within my body, tends to send a strong message, one that I might not have had before, to get going on the life thing, and so on...tick tick tick