Friday, November 14, 2008


In every moment...Something sacred is at stake

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Nothing like a 5 hour plane ride across the country to have the time to clean out the email inbox. Came across this quote and it brought calmness to the flight. Having to leave family to work is tough. Missing time to rest, play, laugh and share times with my family often takes it's toll. But in every moment, something sacred is at stake. I cannot be anywhere else than here at this moment so I will make the best of what I am given. The opportunity to read, sit quietly(with the help of noise reduction headphones), watch a movie and write. I am reminded of something I wrote when I passed my 1 year mark from diagnosis. At the time, I was thinking about choices and what the previous year had meant. I wrote.

As I come to a year after being diagnosed (July 3rd), my mind is racing with thoughts of what the last year has brought and what lies ahead. I had the realization that I can make choices daily and that certain things are out of my control. I can choose what to put into my body as far as food and drink goes, I can choose what to put into my mind through thoughts, prayer, reading, music and quiet moments. I can choose to exercise to strengthen my body and mind, I can choose what to take on each day that gives me energy and choose to avoid those things that take energy away from me. All this and the hope that my journey will travel many miles before this dreadful disease takes it's toll. Each day IS a choice and I cherish the idea that I do have choices.

More to come.


CLL Spouse said...

Found myself with some rare blog-surfing time on my hands and somehow - must have gone from one place to another to another - wound up here. Really enjoyed reading not only the Heschel quote, but your list of choices that you wrote around your 1st anniversary of Dx. When I got to thinking about my own list of choices, I realized it was a lot longer than I was feeling it was. Thanks for the reminder.

Keep blogging!

Brian Koffman said...

All we have is here and now. Good on you for realizing that.

Ronni Gordon said...

Beautiful, wise thoughts.
Thanks for sharing them.