Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Be The Match

Something to consider for all those connected to cancer

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just When You Think

I have not written anything in a while as life has been keeping my on the run. Sometimes recently I feel as though I am not sure which way is ahead and where I have been. The one thought that keeps going through my head, is that something is pushing me in a new direction. Not quite sure which direction but get the feeling that is is different than where I have been before. Maybe the period being almost 2 years post diagnosis(July 3rd) is settling in to ask me "just what are you doing"?

Searching for answers that I'm told lie within still leads me to look outside, to music, books, and other's writings. I just finished a great little book titled, Finding My Marbles. The book can be read in a very short amount of time and offers a great message around the idea of losing your marbles and being trapped in what can sometimes be a disjointed life. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Some days, as I have written about, seem difficult to get the energy going to "make it a great day." Sometimes though, just when you think it will be an off day, something happens to bring a spark of hope, joy, laughter. It can be a phone call, a funny joke, a great customer service experience in an otherwise mundane stop by the grocery, or it could be an email that catches your eye. This is what grabbed me today, an email from David Bailey, fellow cancer survivor. Sign up on his email list, and you will receive incredible writings that he produces. It often amazes me that any one person could write such powerful verse, and often. Today he sent out a note titled, Just when I thought. I have included the words here, with his permission, as it spoke to me and hopefully will to you.
Just when I thought
I had nothing left to say
The new morning brought
A few more words my way
Again I was taught
To celebrate each day
it’s always worth a shot
When hope shows up, let her stay
Now me, I used to have a lot
Of reasons I’d delay
But time is shorter than I thought
Don’t wanna let it waste away
So at the break of every day
I wanna live what I been taught
I’ve seen the games that people play
It don’t take much to get distraught
And be that as it may
I guess that’s why I still jot
Down what I’m trying to say
Even when I just cannot
Be certain things will go my way
But I’m sure there’s still a lot
To do before I hit the hay
Creeping up in my blind spot
Is something we call yesterday
Don’t let it be an afterthought
There’s time to try another way
Oh – and I almost forgot
Shout it out with me: Anchors Away!

I only hope that I can celebrate each day, take the time to slow down and let life move through me versus trying to force myself on life. That way, the experiences that just happen to come by for a visit will have a place to stay, even if for a few moments.

Live with hope